Thursday, December 15, 2011

Franz Kafka - A Hunger Artist

"The book was kind of boring. Who would starve themselves for all to see? I love food!!!!"

"This book defines what it is to be a weird-o"

"In all of his stories, he takes a fairly different approach in terms of writing style because he writes alot of stories in a 'show not tell' manner. Although all of his stories are quite hard to read and understand, it is still pretty evident that he used this category of writing. It seems to me that his stories are incomplete in a sense and very roughly translated from hebrew (he is a jewish writer i believe)"

"This writer is TOTALLY NUTS!
I did not enjoy his stories. Not one of them. Completely sense-free... :-/"

"He's got nothing to say, but an overwhelming urge to say it."

"Probably this book is great liturature. But he describes the atmosphere and the characters in way that made me slightly aggressive. I then decedided I do not want to continue reading it. I do not see that it is necessary to get into such a mood through a book I am reading in my free time."

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