Saturday, December 17, 2011

Samuel Beckett - Krapp's Last Tape

"All the contemplation of death, regrets and the end of one's own lifespan, just made me roll my eyes."

"It was horrible, horrible, all kinds of horrible. Just as bad as Faulkner."

"it's trash."

"i hate samuel beckett askjhdkasjdhkasjhd lol"

"I hate Samuel Beckett. He's a pretentious jerk-off. I know me some theater and no matter what anyone says Beckett is boring to watch and read. NOT A GENIUS!!"

"I've concluded Beckett sucks. He should write bedtime stories cuz all his shit puts me to sleep."

"This was so bad I couldn't even finish reading it! Why it was nominated on the 1001 books list I will never know. Maybe I am too dumb to get its 'deeper meaning'? Whatever!"

"beckett only wrote one novel for a reason"

"I know I'm supposed to be a smarty pants English guy, but I literally threw this book across the room. Wasted moments of my life I'll never get back. Insulting to the reader and all humanity."

"we ate chicken mcbeckett, i absentmindedly described beckett as 'absurd', and beckett, who is possibly liz's ancestor, won her whiskey. this is ever so much funnier if you know the following story: samuel beckett is liz's arch enemy ... she is in the process of writing a screenplay called 'i hate samuel beckett' which promises to be rather wonderful; i eagerly await its completion. we are gigantic nerds and make fun of absurdist playwrights in mcdonalds after drinking."

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  1. the hilarious thing is that krapp's last tape could well be beckett's most accessible piece tbqh

    also l.o.l. @ not even being able to finish a ~8 page thing

    p.s. only read krapp's last tape for the first ever time about a week or two ago, but god, it completely floored me. Absolutely stunned by it tbqh