Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Descartes - Discourse on Method

"Descartes is a hack."

"Descartes is not relevant to study and has basically no merit. Here's why. Rules 1-4. 'Accept only that which you are sure of etc' ... He's faulty in his method and thought nothing that an illiterate person would not come up with on their own."

"complete garbage. who benefits from this stuff?"

"I think, therefore I am. Can I just say something here? This Descartes guy was crazy! I'm sure people with more expansive minds than mine really get into this stuff but honestly, I have no use for it. Dude wrote three pages on what happens when wax melts and how he knows or doesn't know if it's still wax or not. This is relevant to making the world go around, how?

Philosophy lovers, please don't barrage me with comments or explanations. I'm paying big time money at the university to 'learn' this stuff. I don't need to hear it anymore."

"All I could image was the teacher in the Peanuts ( wah wah wah wah wah)
Complete mind blowing garbage. I almost failed Philosphy in college due to this stupid book."

"I am sure that some people really dig and understand philosophy. I am not one of those people. Question: If I have a pink elephant in my mind's eye, does it really exist? Arghhhhhh!!!!! Seriously Rene Descartes, get a life."

"Absolute garbage. I am still amazed that this is taught in just about every Philosophy 101 course ... I love Philosophy actually which is why I hate Descartes so much."

"i could've told you that me and this chair i'm sitting on do in fact exist BEFORE i wasted my time reading this masturbatory bullshit. sheesh."

"twit...i hate descartes"

"how broken and, ethically-wise, non-including, this book is-- from an enviromental perspective."

"We're reading through this slowly in class. Yes, this semester sucks, thnx for the reminder, Descartes. Although I do love your argument that basically is the plot of Inception. Major props."

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