Sunday, December 11, 2011

Aristophanes - The Wasps


"Gained unwanted insight into the low morals of the Greeks. Wouldn't recommend."

"It doesn't say anything particularly interesting or new at all about sexuality in general or female sexuality in particular. And it wasn't particularly funny, either."

"it's just crude and silly."

"I found this play derogatory with ill humor. I do not recommend."

"All potty humor...I guess people are people not only everywhere, but at every time."

"i have no desire to read anymore aristophanes ever again ... i just find that this kind of humour is insulting to my intelligence. not only does this kind of humour irritate me but it makes me sympathize with the aristocrats - what a nauseating person aristophanes seems to have been and really, if the demos loved this stuff, i would look down upon them as well."

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