Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ralph Ellison - Invisible Man

"First off, he isn't really invisible. That was disappointment enough"

"I don't care about the plot, I don't care about the characters, I hate that he whines and is stupid over and over and over again."

"I don't know what it is. Is it because I'm white? Because I'm 17? Because I live in 21st century suburban Ohio? I'm not sure which reason explains it, but I did not understand this book at all."

"I thought it was a boring topic, and I thought the events that happened in the book were boring. I probably would have liked the book more if I could find a way to relate to it, but I could not."

"Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison was a boring book. Ellison used a lot of big words that sometimes made it hard to understand."

"This book is very confusing to say the least. It travels back into his past and even back to the present day ... I really do not recomend this book to anyone. Its almost sick and very racist page in and page out."

"READERS should be aware that, like what the title implies, this holistic piece of SHIT is all about nothing. while the content of this shit is perhaps a realistic representation of what probably is the world's most desperate attempt to appear descriptive and meaningful, it actually is nothing more than a long, tedious raving of a young man whose sole occupation in life stands alone--forcing meaning into issues that never make you give a damn can call me illiterate for failing to recognize whatever merit more 'literate' people have so far managed to unravel in this solid crap, but for my part it's this simple: truly liking this book requires more than just good education and refinement. you have to at least be fucking desperate and pretentious, and perhaps hypnotized, and, on the whole, insane to feel some sort of appreciation for this so-called novel."

"It was okay. I was interesting in reading it because it was the only character from 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' whom I did not know."

"This was not good. Most of the time I spent reading this book was actually spent re-reading parts because I felt like I had missed important facts. Like, since when is the character on a horse? It was not described that he was on a horse and yet suddenly he is being described as jumping down from a horse. Crap like this all through the book."

"As a Caucasian middle class teenage girl, I could not relate to this book nor can I see the importance in the subject matter."

"There is a lot of mature content that I'll just never be old enough to read."

"Gross language and visual scenes. Disturbing uses of the themes in the book. I know the guy was trying to make a point, but other novels do a much more impressive job with symbolism and imagery and yet they STILL enforce the reading of this for school. It's always the same every year, reading a piece of depressing "literature" on black slavery/persecution or the Holocaust. I understand that we need to appreciate and understand the social significance of these time periods, but book after book of the same subject matter? With inappropriate qualities, nonetheless?"

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