Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Niccolò Machiavelli - The Prince

"Well, you probably know about this book. Now, I'm sure that I could have read it much more closely and come up with some very interesting material to think about. But honestly- it's just not that interesting ... without knowing the context of the stories he tells it's difficult to know why I should care."

"It was too hard to read and irrelevant to me"

"It didn't help that the gentleman reading the book had a very deep voice. It was well below the range to keep me engaged in the book."

"Maybe if he was spanked more when he was 'The Little Prince' he wouldn't have grown up so annoying. A grown man wrote this? Thinks more highly of himself than anyone else possibly could, for no good reason. Definitely has 'mommy issues.'"

"The main flaw of it in my opinion was that it relied to heavily on historical examples that most people today have don't know of and has to explain them"

"I will admit it - I didn't finish this book. I really found nothing interesting in this book at all ... I read it now because I have a group o f students reading it for a presentation and I htought that I should really know exactly what was in the book. I read the first 70 pages and then just skimmed the rest."

"I got through six and a half chapters and realized that I couldn't repeat anything because I wasn't even paying attention. I'm not sure there was even a plot."


Recommendation: Don’t bother."


"So, what I learned about Machiavelli that they probably don't teach in school is this:
1- He was as selfish as a person can be and only looked out for himself.
2- He was a fake and a phony.
3- He had no pride, dignity or self-respect.
4- He was a butt-kisser and a suck-up.
If Machiavelli was alive today his profession would be corrupt politician."

"I don't say this lightly, I do not say this in jest, I have had years to think about this review, I have held this opinion your years and have told anyone that will listen to me, I hope that you grasp the gravity when I say:

This is one of the worst books I have ever read.

I'll spoil it for you:

The Prince is right.
You are wrong.

Now you don't need to buy this trite book."

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