Friday, September 21, 2012

Ralph Ellison - Invisible Man IV

"'Invisible Man' is a boring book. The only thing that it's really about is how black people were treated after slavery ... The only think this book is about is how black people were treated so badly, I don't feel bad for them because they didn't try to change it. I think that since the man moved into a free state where they treated black people a little better that he should have done something greater instead of becoming an insirational speaker for some secret organization. All he did was speak infront of people speeche after speech. And all for what?
In the end he gave up, he accepted defeat. He simple accepted something taht he could have changed."

"The narrator really bothered me. Shit just happens to this guy, but I feel like he doesn’t react to it realistically. He completely believes that it’s not his fault, but he never try’s to find out if there’s something he can do about it, or if there is someone behind these events."

"Too bad Mr. Ellison doesn't rise above the hateful messages in his book. He leaves us feeling like he is the black-equivalent of an elderly white racist skinhead."

"Let me start off by saying I am not impressed by this book. And dats all I gots ta say bout dat. yassah. If ever there was a book that should be banned, I think this might be one"

"the message one seems to draw from the book, is that african americans do not matter and cannot overcome racial prejudice. To reach this conclusion takes 580 pages and a myriad of sureal episodes."

"Ellison dehumanizes his white counterparts, believing them to fundamnetally the same."

"The book contains 581 pages. The story could have been well told in half that space, saving countless stress in the process. Sure, the grammar is good, the spelling is faultless, the punctuation is right on."

"this book is really, really, really, really long, and probably not worth the time it takes to read"

"I thought it was going to be mostly about a man isolating himself from the world. To my surprise the book is about a black man and the struggles he endures because of his race. There are many parts of this book that I found upsetting"

"This book is like the whatchamacallit of Frederick Douglas.
Some Black Guy, In sometime, where Black Guys, such as him, are not liked, or paid attention to cause they’re black guys. I can barely get two sentences in each time I read. It’s so close to non-fiction. It’s so boring. Anyone who says it isn’t is dead on the inside. Dead, or dying.
Do you know what 1984(the book we were supposed to read….) is about?
COOL SHIT. About shit-crazed governments controlling people’s ever goddamned move.
Muthafucking COOL SHIT."

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