Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cicero - Orations

"I really… really… really want to stab Cicero straight in the freaking testicles."



"Oh, the times! Oh, the morals! Oh, 300 more pages of this!"

"Greeks and Romans were idiots ... Pretty much there's the Greek gods, Zeus and all this other stuff. And pretty much all they do is run around on top of mountains zapping each other with lightning bolts and throwing spears at each other. I mean... really? Not very creative, first of all. Pretty much all they did was bad things, they killed, they tormented, they hurt each other, and it's like what kind of God would want to do that? ... It's stupid. And then the Romans, they're like the kid at school who goes up to the person who always gets Fs and cheats off their test except for changing it just a little bit so that the teacher won't think they're copying. It's like seriously they just take the gods pretty much and just change the names ... And then they copied their architecture, they copied everything. They're so similar. They're so similar that I confuse the Greeks and Romans like every day.
It's like what would cause these guys to think of all this? Well, the main cause that I would think of is maybe they're totally insane. Maybe they're just plain idiots.
And sure, they might have been smart in like math, but who gives a crap about math? I mean, knowing the basics is good, you need to know the basics, but for a lot of things you're not going to need to know the Pythagorean theorem. Or any confusing stuff. It's like sure maybe it's nice to know, but there's a lot of stuff that's a lot more important than math. It's like, they were frickin... I'm not going to say the words I was going to say. They were idiots, though. They are not smart."

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