Friday, September 7, 2012

Niccolò Machiavelli - The Prince II

"Coming in at just over 100 pages this was probably the hardest read.. ever."

"While I think that some people may still subscribe to a lot of his war mongering and deceitful ways I don't think anyone would classify someone like that as a good leader today."

"I disagree with his assertion that all men are inherently selfish and wicked. I don't think this is a particularly sophisticated view of mankind."

"It was filled with archane references to Italian lords of little import that I had never heard of."

"I have decided that he fits in my catagory of 'Thats Wacked'"

"Kill 'em all, better to be feared. There I just saved you some time."

"I think he is evil. =D"

"Among his many recommendations to the Prince, Machiavelli suggests that the Prince order his armies to slaughter any people who have before tasted freedom. For, as he argues, they will always rise against a ruler who would oppress them.

From such a recommendation, is it not apparent that Mr. Machiavelli would like to see mankind enslaved, rather than free? Despite this, Machiavelli is often praised for his candidness and pragmatism!"

"Just because he makes a lot of good points, doesn't mean I have to like it. Machiavelli was a pessimistic jerk."

"I learned not to use run-on sentences like Machiavelli did. Boring."

"thought it would be better but turned into typical philisophical drivel."

"most of this book is nothing more than a history lesson. Overrated.........."

"What you should know is once you start reading this book, you will find tha language very hard to understank, and if you did bad on the SAT, your in tough luck. Good luck to those who will try to read 'The Beast.'"

"All I can say about those who have praised this book is that they surely must be more intelligent than I."


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