Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nathaniel Hawthorne - Young Goodman Brown

"Still don't think he can write good stories for crap"

"I don't like the way the author made the horror atmosphere..:p"

"Blasphemy against the true woodsman
This short tale, like many of the effervescent Hawthorne's works, exposes the general contempt that dutiful professionals of urbana have against the farmer. Here, a charming young man is afraid to explore the limits of his soul, who must venture the forest to retrieve a lost treasure, but will not, would not all his spirit to traverse the darkened elements.

Several generations of good language arts teacher, of the secondary caliber, are subverting their classes with this work. They had been seduced by the charms of this Harvard-graduates eloquence. Unknowing the true interests of the youth, our cultural shame is that nearby along the shelves is a book written by his neighbour called Walden.

It would benefit the 7th grader to read Thoreau than more than having his teacher's fantasies insinuated through this other work."

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