Monday, March 19, 2012

Vladimir Nabokov - Bend Sinister

"What self-serving crap. The man was nothing but an egotist who wanted to spread his thoughts on the state of the world and literature in a loose narrative."

"Can't explain how much I HATE Nabokov. Not enough words. FCK HIM!"

"Of course jews like Freud, Nabokov and Kubrik wanted to belive, and more importantly, wanted to make us believe, that it was their dysfunctional homes and traumas that made them into perverts, not their bad blood."

"Jew - pervert- who cares, both groups has an interest to justify their pervertions by saying that the real reason they behave this way, is that they had been subjected to some trauma in the past, and nothing to do with normal genetical or cultural inheritance."

"Pubescent girls have all the features that heterosexual men normally find attractive, including an extra dose of youthfulness. Show me a man, white gentile or otherwise, who does not find them attractive and I will show you a probable homosexual."

"Show me someone who like Nabokov was a pedophile, enjoys raping and murdering children, was married to a jew, and was a zionist, and I will show you a kikopedophile."

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