Saturday, March 3, 2012

Arthur Rimbaud - Les Illuminations

"incoherent rant"

"A curiosity at best."

"a rel good book
oh what a good book thes is. i rekomind it tgo all of my frinds. if you are smart you wil read this book."

"Reading these two poems in English, quickly, I wasn't much impressed."

"Exactly the kind of poetry you would expect from a guy who stopped writing by the time he turned twenty. Picture an angry hipster drinking absinthe. If he looks French, then it's probably Rimbaud ... Best read by someone not old enough to know better."


"These metaphysical wet dreams will delight sulky teenagers and juveniles of all ages, but adults will agree with Rimbaud's own judgement: 'It's all slop.' ... I found these pieces supremely boring. Perhaps if I cared about the Rimbaud myth I would read these with different eyes-- but I don't, and therefore what I find is faux passion and histrionic hormones ... Not recommended."

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  1. "Picture an angry hipster drinking absinthe."

    Pfff, absinthe is soooooo mainstream.