Monday, March 12, 2012

Herman Melville - Moby-Dick IV

"What can I possibly say about Moby Dick that hasn't been said before? Especially since I didn't read the full novel but only a graphic retelling of the tale."

"This book was way overated, even for its' time. Melville doesn't seem to know when to stop talking about one specific thought. That's about it. The book was terrible. Oh, yeah. GO TIGERS!"

"I found myself having mini emotional break downs trying to comprehend how any could possible enjoy such a terrible book."

"Like choking down a week old doughnut"

"I sat down to read this book after it was published on a list of must-read classics. I for one, do not agree with it's must-read status."

"'Call me Ishmael.' It's undoubtedly one of the most widely recognized opening lines of any classical novel. Unfortunately, it's also the best line in the book."

"it seemed that Melville could not come up with any new material, so expanded on the mental processes of Ishmael"


"If you will take some advice from a fellow bibliophile, don't bother to read this 'book to end all books.' It's not worth your time."

"I think Melville was a genius, yes, but the structure in which he wrote the book did not make sense. Don't read this book if you don't have to"

"For boring people who couldn't get any more boring
What a waste of time! This book is very, very boring. I've said it & I'll say it again: this book is very, very, extremely, boring."

"Maybe one day I'll be really ill after learning the entire English language of the last 200 years and have nothing else to do but lie in bed reading. But I would still think I could find something that will hold my interest for a lot longer than this."

"Presumably they didn't have editors in those days, or this would be a very much shorter and better book."

"I find it very hard to believe that a modern reader can find anything inspiring in this massive, overrated, terrible piece of literature. I have read many ‘classics’ which are hardly worthy of the name but this has to come top of the list so far, if there is a worse classic out there I am yet to find it (and hope I never will). It seems to be another of those massive tomes such as ‘War and Peace’ or ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ that the reader convinces themselves to be a ‘masterpiece’ on completion, simply because they cannot bear to admit that they have been duped into wasting such a massive amount of time and energy.
From the lengthy zoological descriptions of marine mammals, through to the tedious descriptions of the minutiae of sea life, one keeps wondering why Melville didn’t just write a series of textbooks and save us all from his woeful attempts at storytelling. I urge you not to buy this book and perpetuate any further the myth that this is either a great novel or that it is in any way still relevant today."

"Why must we all be forced to read this?
It's so badly written that I want to scream."

"I can vaguely see why some of the writing in this book may have been considered entertaining when there was less competition on the market"

"Moby Dick is the most BORING book I have ever read! I think if you made it into a short comic strip, you would have liked it. But this 550 page account called a novel? No way, man. I implore you, do NOT read this book."

"The language is hard to read and is in my opinion only good for academic study of how not to write a novel."

"Doesn't even deserve one star, it's that bad
The author seems to think it far more appropriate to let us all know what a well-educated fellow he is by the use of overblown pompous classical waffling, than to tell the story. Avoid this awful book."

"Moby Ick
Moby Ick's more like it. A PIECE-O-TRASH! SENSELESS!"

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