Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vladimir Nabokov - Pale Fire II

"I tried very hard to become engrossed with this book, i was looking forward to a challenge, but i just couldn't get over how disjointed the book was. That and the fact that i didn't feel like i could believe any of what Kinbote was writing."

"I hated Pale Fire, because there wasn't a definitive answer to anything, I couldn't figure out the chronology of the story and was left wondering if anything had been accomplished because I was trying to make sense of stuff that didn't make sense to me."

"Not really like his other books, lolita and the defense, it was a bit weird, quickly its about a guy who is publishing his favorite poets final poem posthumously and he writes a commentary which explains the 4 cantos. I have no idea why this is to popular? ... I did like some of the poetry, but I could have done without the explanations. If you love Nabokov you may not like this one."

"I hated Pale Fire. Don’t bother."

"stay away from Nabokov if you haven't already LOL. all his characters seem to be more annoying than all of austen's."

"Whatever you do, don't read Nabokov."

"Nabakov sucks to the point of unreadability"

"What was the point of that story? That life sucks? How nice to find out now, that I am trapped in it!! I guess I should not complain, since I once noted that seemed to be the theme of most of my poems, but I think I usually included something about making it better."

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