Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shakespeare - Julius Caesar II

"To be completely honest, this book is straight butt."

"this book sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not only is it shakespeare but its a complete rip off! ok so in r&j they both die for COMPLETELY NO REASON. well this ones basically the same. This group of guys feels that Caesers a tyrant so they kill him. then become tyrant like themselves. then there a big battle ... and my teacher made me memorize the freaking friends, romans, countryman speech. which you can be sure did not endear me. shakespear is so like eratic. sometimes he talks forwards somethines he talks backwords. sometimes its uber shakespearian other times its basically normal. the dude can not make up his mind for a writing style!"

"Dear William Shakespeare,
I fucking hate Julius Caesar. If I ever have to read this fucking thing again I’m gonna flip some shit. Fucking fuck."

"I did not enjoy reading this book. The text was extremely difficult to read and the vernacular used by Shakespeare does not translate well into todays language. The story wasnt structured well and it seemed as if the story was rushed and cluttered. Julius Caesar is the king of Rome and eventhough he has many batle victories under his belt, many people believe that he abuses his power and isnt fit for the role he holds.

I rated this book a 2 out of 5 because the text is so difficult to read and the major conflict is solved early on in the story and the rest is just piled on to lengthen the story. The dialogue is dry and the logic of the characters is majorly flawed."

"Oh my holy hell! What the hell is up with Julius Caeser!"

"what so hard about writing in modern English rather then jibberjabber"

"Shakespeare. Call me a Kulturbanause but I have zero interest or will to read anything related. The same for other 'classic' literature, once deemed good by mainstream and repeated over and over. There are exceptions but they’re rare and far between. I believe it has to do with my aversion to anything 'theatrical'. And the fact that, just because someone decided this is world literature doesn’t mean that I will follow the herd and gobble it up like a sheep ... You can follow trends or you can set trends for yourself. So don’t ask me about Shakespeare. I will laugh in your face."

"I never got around to reading Julius Caesar until now, as a 34 year old, a teacher of Shakespeare to HS juniors. And, I'm underwhelmed."

"Et tu Brute? A Roman Caeser speaking French in his dying breath...that alone made this play a good read."

"great job Shakespeare, you just RUINED this quarter!"

"Blah blah blah. Enough already. It was the same petty arguments throughout the whole story. Plus, it's even worse in old English."

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