Sunday, May 5, 2013

Henri Bergson - Introduction to Metaphysics

"He seems to be saying each moment of time stands on its own, not having duration, and therefore never connecting with the next moment or event in an influential way."

"Boring. Too academic and/or philosophical."

"Philosophers are people who pick the obvious and easy, discuss them, and end up making them difficult and incomprehensible ... Millions have died, and thousands are still dying, because of philosophers. One lives and grows up in a quiet place, but the philosopher invents and drums into his head concepts like nationhood (contra neighborhood which is the only reality for each individual), love of country (and I'm not referring to country music), father(or mother)land. He has neighbors, but the philosopher expands the concept into countrymen and foreigners, us and them. Everyone is born with a harmless, natural sense of wonder but the philosopher messes things up with conflicting ideas about god or his absence, true and false gods, freedom and determinism, the will of god, heathens and the chosen people, truth, justice, fate and meaninglessness. All these just confuse and make men launch wars with their pointless killings and sufferings, and all the crazy things living species do when they've been discombobulated."

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