Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness V

"It's about the Congo but never once mentions the Congo?"

"Admittedly, the first time I read it was a struggle. I would have probably only said it was okay. However, I recently re-read it for a post-grad class I was teaching,"

"I'm not a literature student and I want Plain English Campaign to invest in a time machine to go protest outside the author's door when he wrote the book. Well done for making it possible to read whole paragraph of familiar words without getting any of the metaphors."

"I fail to see how this could be a story taking a jab at colonialism."

"Honestly, Conrad must have been a decent story-teller in his time. That being said, reading 'Heart of Darkness' in good ol' 2013 makes me pity the poor saps that had to sit through Marlow's tale. How the poor individuals could get through that task is simply mind-boggling."

"This was a dumb and I don't really have an opinion."

"I got the feeling that there was lots of hidden or not so hidden meanings through out the book. These, I am not a fan of. When reading books for a class, I don't mind having meanings, as long as I don't have to find it myself. I really would not suggest this book. I guess that there could be some meaning in all the symbols, and that I might be able to connect it to my life, but I doubt it."

"There were too many words"

"The writing style is a mess, it was unnecessarily complicated and the writer needs to be beaten half to death with a Syntax book ... This is not a fluid read, so be prepared to go through an experience worse than grating your face with a red hot cheese grater."

"the ending barely has any closure or character development"

"I honestly couldn't keep myself focused for more than 10 seconds while reading it. It was a bore. It didn't help that half of the time I had no idea what was going on. I still barely even know what the story was about."

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