Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ludwig Wittgenstein - Philosophical Investigations II

"He seems to idle on the same questions over and over again with not much progress, very seldomly really applying his own method to them. Such a pity he had no stamina."

"The later Wittgenstein was a self-satisfied smug git who was trying to be just a little bit too clever ... He should have stayed being a gardener in a monastery and not gone back to philosophy.

I think Wittgenstein is over-rated. He just confuses people by being unclear and then justifies this by claiming to be anti-metaphysical. When people find it hard to understand him, they end up assuming it must be because they are stupid and he was incredibly clever. Maybe it is just because he is unclear, inconsistent and incapable of agreeing with himself."

"List or explain one accomplishment by him either from his early or later writings. What do they amount to in the history of anything except for uninteresting erroeneous dialogue and a few quotable (but still insignificant) quotes? Indeed I think I've just described the majority of 'philosophers'."

"There is no reason, in the world, for an undergrad to ever pick up a Wittgenstein book, much less write a paper about it. None. I actually have to turn away. I am sickened when I read it."

"Wittgenstein is the worthless PBR drinking hipster version of Gilbert Ryle."

"by the way wittgenstein was probably 'mentally retarded' as well"

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