Friday, June 17, 2011

Tolstoy - War and Peace II

"I will always hate tolstoy for ruining War & Peace for me."

"Supposedly, it's 'the 'in' thing' to read War and Peace right now, so I would like to tackle it. I love being 'in.' ;)"

"Crime and Punishment writ large..."

"Why will we never learn this same lesson?"

"well I like the story, and how we comming at peace"

"Too many pages and big words and not enough pictures and small writing."

"This book convinced me to never pick up another Ruskie author."

"Normally I would rate it one star, but he worked really hard on it. The book has no point. Literally."

"Most of all i hate Tolstoy's tales especialy World & Peace."

"I hate Tolstoy. This always horrifies people, outside of Russia anyway, because Tolstoy is one of the Great Russian Authors People Know. OMGWTFBBQ you don’t like Tolstoy? ! As if Tolstoy was compulsory; as if not liking him was an insult to the Great Russian Soul. Again, this is outside of Russia."

"What a fictional writer with a minimum of light in his mind would have portrayed Napoléon as a criminal? Here our writer proved his failure to understand the inner complexity of the character, and this is precisely what eventually the novelist's task is about.
How many writers, already in the Napoleonic years and during all the 19th century were attracted not only for the romantic echo of Napoléon ( which, as everybody knows, greatly contributed to shape the romantic literature)but as well for the ambiguity and the contradictions of Napoléon? Sorry, but Tolstoi failed. Completely."

"didn't finish...a bit dense, but might go back to it eventually..."


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