Monday, June 27, 2011

St Augustine - Confessions

= Confessions of St. Augustine"

"Why do people feel the need to publish all of their deep dark thoughts and secrets? The LAST title I'd ever pick for a book is 'confessions.'"

"If you're contemplating suicide (a real attempt), this would be the wind at your back."

"I had always read that augustine was this great thinker and shaper of Christianity. Well he shaped it alright. Ugh. Now I know where all the neuroses started. I think the most telling part of the story was when he was talking about his mother who was a slave. Because she was ashamed of being called a drunk by her master's daughter she would refuse to allow her own children, including Augustine, to drink water, because it was a sin of the flesh. At his mother's death bed Augustine promised to never take pleasure in the real world but would hope for happiness in the after life. There you go. 'Mom I want you to rest easy knowing that I'm going to stay here and be miserable.' F'd up."

"his writing is so dense as to be neigh inpenetrable."

"I couldn't get through it (this was my second try). Augustine is utterly self-consumed, as a writer he never says in five words what he can say in forty, and there are long stretches spent on refuting what seem to the modern reader very silly ideas like astrology. But it might all be bearable if not for the interminable self-prostration and sycophancy (e.g. Oh Lord, You who are so unimaginable great and wise, and I who am but a puny digusting worm, etc.)"

"Read this for a Early Mideavel Culture class in college. It went on and on. I think Augustine like to hear himself talk"

"most of it is self-righteous dogmatic crap with a majorly and stupidly overdeveloped sense of self-flagellation for the smallest of minor transgressions (including, famously, stealing apples while he was a boy)."

"I believe this will be the only book I will never finish, as this drab of uncessant praise and philosophy never ends, and is forced down your throat. I don't know about you, but I don't like anything forced down my throat."

"If there is a hell lets hope this bastard is there."

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