Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shakespeare - Measure for Measure

"i hate measure for measure ot can fuck off and die"

"The fact that I don't know anyone who's read this speaks to the plain and simple fact that it sucks. This was an awful Shakespeare play. The characters did not interest me, their dilemmas didn't even get me slightly interested, and when it ended I was filled with a strange feeling comprised of 'What the hell was that?' and 'This is NOT a good ending.'"

"I Hate Shakespeare it sux! u all fart on ur brothers and sisters. also it is bullllshiiit hahah muahhaha so ha there he is an @!"

"I think the problem here is that Shakespeare himself didn't know what he was aiming for when he wrote this, and it reads as a smattering of well-trodden plot devices shoved together in a bizarre and incohesive order. In layman's terms: it's just not very good.

Yes, because it's Shakespeare the language is gorgeous and yadda-yadda, but this is also one of what's known as his 'problem plays' - ie Big Bill Shakespeare was not on top form - and the plotting leaves a lot to be desired."

"Measure for Measure sucks to the core, filled wif so much sexual reference."

"I HATE measure for measure. It is the worst play he ever wrote! lol. Maybe its cos I had a crap teacher. but come on the plot is appaling. Tho im not a great shakespeare fan anyway!! *gasp* i know a British/Irish English student slagging off the bard himself! lol"

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