Thursday, October 24, 2013

George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-Four IV

"height and my sensitivity to the misuse of language more than anything else I've ever read in my life."

"This is literally one of the best books mankind will ever produce. George Orwell achieves a formidable task by creating a world that is far-fetced and simultaneously real and feesible to exist. This is way the book is relevant nowadays as much as it was back then. It rings us a bell that this dystopian world may not be as imaginery as we may think."

"the entire book quickly degenerated into soft porn."

"This book was a waste. I tried to read it before I just quit. I logged onto my laptop, clicked the link of shame and fell in love with Sparknotes. I studied the summary, devoted myself to character lists and looked at each chapter break down. And yet, all I could see was nothing but sexual meanings, double meanings that made no sense, and the glorious WTF ending that left me screaming at my laptop."

"1. It's EXTREMELY long. There are paragraphs that last for almost two pages, which really bores me because there's nothing much going on but description after description after description. Oh, I know. Imagery. While I don't mind imagery, 1984 was simply too much for me to handle.
2. Awkwardness. I don't know why an adult novel is required reading for high school students in the first place, aside from the fact we're more mature. Still, it's awkward."

"This book is terrible. I do not understand why it is always rated so high, especially now that communism has collapsed."

"I am only 143 pages in (and have had to bare the fairly unpleasant sex scenes) but the concept of totalitarian dictatorship in literature, if written well, is always fascinating. In one section, the language of newspeak is addressed. Orwell predicted a form of language that was based off of english, but substantially reduced to the point where one does not have to think about vocabulary, but can simply say words, and everyone understands. It made me think about texting lingo, with such abbreviations such as: lol, ftw, brb, ttyl. Everyone knows the meanings of these terms, one does not have to think."

"This is dated. My students could read The Hunger Games trilogy or Harry Potter and grasp some of the same concepts about totalitarian regimes."

"I like reading Science Fiction books, but not to this extent."

"It's amazing that he's British and the book was written 60 years ago, but the book still reads clearly."

"I am still puzzling as to why any educator would wish to subject a teenager to this torture. The horror of a socialist society that was involved in literally every aspect of life was shocking, thus serving its purpose. However, the in-depth detail of the totalitarian society and one man (and woman) who decide to rebel was just that: a little too in-depth. Were detailed descriptions of their sensuality all that necessary?"

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