Monday, October 14, 2013

Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea III

"The only reason I can think of as to why such a dull, bland, mundane, uninteresting book is so well revered by the 'know it all's' is because they are afraid to contradict decades of praise given to what is considered one of America's finest pieces of literature. I say stop being so blinded by the majority and actually judge a book for what is really is."

"As for the characters in this book, Oh, excuse me character as to that he was quite dull and not to bright either. For instance, the Old Man is always thinking about baseball and fishing and how he thinks everyone will think he is crazy nothing else. Being very one-sided like that the Old Man makes for a bad main character. The Old Man could have been made handsome, like myself, so he didn't have to be smart. He is also very simple minded he says he was put on earth to fish and nothing else. I myself would prefer a more multi faceted person."

"Old Man and the Sea? More like, Old Man Should Have Died 100 Pages Earlier!"

"Hemmingway is overrated. He writes short sentences."

"This book was AWFUL!!! Sorry Ernest. Sometimes the truth hurts!"

"It was TOO descriptive...and I swear the old man is insane..."

"i just don't think that this analogy was written for the way things work in my head"

"Stemming from the philosophy of naturalism - depressing and thoroughly Godless."

"yo, this old guy is in a boat and takes forever to catch this fish. 120 pages later....still hasn't caught it. lame."

"What I learned from this book....the reason behind Hemingway's suicide. I would have shot myself too had I written this boring, uninspired piece."

"I could have written the book in three pages for everything that happened and was learned. For all his praise, this was a less then stellar effort."

"This dreadful book could be boiled down ever further from it's 90 page size to about a 4 page short story, even probably still wouldn't be interesting to read. Oh Ernest, what a terrible book you wrote."

"Bo-ring. I gave up. And I wasn't even reading it, I was listening to it as a book on tape (ipod). And I still couldn't hang. Did I mention it was bo-ring? Because it was."

"this book is shit I mean seriously the 21st century and you'd think English teachers would evolve and move forward but No they are rooted in the past. Fuck this shit I love horror and I wasted my time reading this for nothing its fucking boring and stupid I'm no wonder the author killed him -self"

"I have never been a huge fan of hemingway. Maybe it is because he puts his characters in impossible situations, and yet he killed himself. I think that he just needed to grow up."


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