Monday, October 7, 2013

Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea II

"Old man sucks!!
I hate fish this book was written about fish. This was torture to read."

"I am an avid reader and book collector. I love literature in general. I love books. I have always loved books but when I was tenth grade back in 1996 or so (I'm twenty eight now) my literature class was made to read The Old Man and the Sea ... Imagine, if you will, spending your entire teenagehood trying to tell other teeangers that books are wonderful. They take you on adventures and you meet fascinating characters who do incredible things. And then you're handed this book ... I was told that Hemingway killed himself because he knew he was developing arthritis in his hands, this seems to reflect what I suspected of his personality already, a deep-seeded insecurity, self-consciousness and doubt of self-worth that he thought that he was of no worth to the world if his hands didn't function properly"

"A joke. That's what I think about The Old Man and the Sea getting a Pulitzer Prize. I can not comprehend what the Pulitzer Committee was thinking when they gave this book a prize. The Old Man and the Sea is a redundant book full of hum drum that is not worth 127 pages of anyone's time. This book did not deserve a Pulitzer Prize for the book lacked excitement and plot. For example, Santiago does a ton of work and does not succeed. The Climax of this book is a major let down which makes the reader regret reading it in the first place. Since the climax is poor that also forces the plot of the story to go downhill. Another example is that this book was written at a low reading level. This is a big part of why I can't see why this book got one of the highest awards in history. Sure the book probably got the prize for the theme or the symbolizing the author put in it, but these are not very strong in my opinion. Any younger kid could have written a book like this. The Old Man and the Sea is not worthy of its award ... All in all, The Old Man and the Sea is a redundant book full of hum drum that is not worth 127 pages of anyone's time."

"The Old Man and the Sea is a bad book to read due to being a dull-as-dirt book begging for compliments."

"The author does not clearly explain mandatory parts in the book that are truly needed to make the book a success ... This book should not be read by anyone. This truly shows Hemmingway's weakness as a writer. The protagonist does not prove to have any common sense at all and he may be going insane. This book proved to be an overall failure because it did not add up to my expectations as a reader."

"'The Old Man and the Sea' should be changed to 'The Old Man and the Snore.'"

"The Old Man and the Sea is unclear in the writing. For example, 'Bad luck to your mother' is just one of the fragments Ernest Hemingway uses. Fragments leave the reader with an incomplete thought. An author should know not to use fragments in their writing. Authors should also know not to use unfamiliar words. For instance, Hemingway uses the Spanish word 'Galanas'. He doesn't give a definition or any clue of what the word might mean. A well written book shouldn't use undefined or unusual words."

"This book was so, so boring. First of all, why didn't they just summarize those three days with a couple of pages. Instead, I was forced to read an endless amount of pages that seemed to get longer about him catching and losing his prize fish/trophy. What's the point? He was already poor, and now he's lost one of the most important things to happen to him. It was a lost phenomenon."

"I asked my classmates when I was in school to select the Hobbit as a reading assignment instead, but they insisted on The Old Man and the Sea because it was a few pages shorter and they were just a lazy bunch of semi-literates."

"The grammar is supposed to be 'cutting edge' and 'of powerful simplicity,' but it's really just incorrect. Call me a stickler, but in the end it's plain annoying."

"For most, the story seems uneventful and boring. It may only appeal to those who are either def or blind. Anyone with a normal sense of sight or sound will find this story to be extremely boring and tiring ... The Old Man and the Sea, only appeals to the def and the blind. Those of us with full or partial use of our ears and eyes can plainly sense that this story is uneventful. I especially was bored with the story. It was not an interesting topic. The only people who would be interested in the story are old fishermen. The poor children who are forced into reading this will find it unappealing. The story wasn't filled with action. Even someone who is into the topic will find the story too boring. The interesting events are too few and far between. Someone who has perfect vision or perfect hearing will still find this story boring and uneventful.
In conclusion, The Old Man and the Sea is a boring worthless peace of nothing. Only the def and the blind consider it literature."

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