Friday, August 9, 2013

Joseph Heller - Catch-22

"My dad warned me that this book was lower on the evolution scale than a wet turd, but I thought I'd try it anyway. I hated this with every fibre in my body and with any luck the book will just crawl away and die."

"Characters come in and out. They all want to state there opinion. They are unlikable. They are stupid and you know what after 150 pages I can say WTF is the fuss all about? I am starting to think it's a pretentious thing. Advise; you want to be pretentious read Dostoevsky, it is difficult writing and long. It comes from history. But you know what the hell things are about, and you can follow where it is going. I could've not rated it. But I wanted to hurt him for buying the book and keeping it on the shelve for 6 years. I should have burned it for winter heat....only problem it rarely goes below 10 degrees centigrade around here in the middle of the harshest winter."

"If his title had been something slightly less appealing like 'Catch-33' or if the term 'Catch-22' was used but hidden in the text, rather than used as the title, no one would have ever heard of this book."

"The whole thrust of Heller's book seems to be that humans are totally horrible creatures and that one must do whatever is necessary to survive. Look out for number one. If he was alive today, even if in a wheelchair with an oxygen can, I'd go right up to him and beat the living snot out of him."

"to compare this book to the modern books of our time is like comparing black and white television to our high definition televisions lol.. thats what I think about this book! :D"

"The book was about a captain named Yossarian, who doesn't want to fly a plane. I kinda get why he wouldn't want to fly a plane"

"This is most probably the true origin of internet stupidity"


"Read something else instead. And don't worry that you won't look cool to those intelligent, well-read friends of yours. They didn't like it either. They are just trying to look cool to everyone else."

"It seemed like one big exercise in sarcasm and opposite-ness. I had trouble following it. It also was lambasting the military/government."

"Heck, I even contemplated putting up a sign where the book is displayed in the bookstore, saying 'DON'T BUY THIS BOOK' were it not for my law-abiding morally-right sensitivities."

"Typical of modern 'literature' which tries to devalue life while promoting a 'nihilist' and 'left' slant ad nauseam."

"Joseph Heller tried way too hard to be clever, while at the same time being stridently anti-american and advocating the worst sort of selfish immorality."

"The whole Catch 22 thing in itself was very confusing."

"I had to stop reading this book because of the sex and nudity."

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