Monday, August 5, 2013

Descartes - The Meditations

"1) Descartes' best argument for the existence of God - bearing in mind this is supposedly one of the best philosophers in history - boils down to 'I can imagine him, therefore he exists.' I mean, honestly. A five-year-old could come up with better reasoning.
2) Many of the sentences take up half a page.

3) The style is so dense that sometimes you have to read something three times to make it make sense, and even that doesn't always work.
4) Woolly thinking. Need I say more?
...I don't think I shall read any more philosophy. Sorry."

"this epistemology is a piss of puss and puke!"

"What a weird guy."

"The relentless latinate style grew tiresome quickly ... On the plus side: in places he achieves a jagged informality that's very intimate (especially for 1637); and the architecture of his sentences is at times impressive. Sounded more like 18th century (English anyway) than early 17th."


"Oh, Descartes. You are silly."

"Note that this is one of the texts modern Western philosophy built itself up upon. What does that say about the philosophical project?"

"cogito ergo sum of the square root of pi asshole. ugh, Descartes is so freaking pretentious and really it's not even that prolific people ... freaking simpletons, don't people tire of this shit."

"I've been rereading this while rereading LOTR, and I cannot help hearing Descartes as Morgoth, Sauron, Saruman, or any number of other characters who look at reality as something to be conquered and bent to one's will."

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