Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein III

"it was SO not a romance."

"It's obvious that Victor Frankenstein was gay and created the monster to be his gay lover."

"The reason it has a 1 star rating because for one I just thought the book suckes some serous A** ... beside I never really read all of it but I had a friend on here tell what happened after I stopped reading it and it sounded stupid any ways so I'm glade I didn't waste my time reading the rest of it."

"I had to read this book for English and I must ask, WHY ON EARTH ARE ENGLISH TEACHERS STILL MAKING US READ FICTION FROM LIKE THE 1780's????????????????????????????????? GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"The style of writing is interesting and I could see it would have created a stir in its time, but times have moved on."

"I wanted to read about the ongoing conflict between master-and-creation, to understand how one could turn against its own creation. Surprisingly, the author doesn't dig into that."

"When i bought it i tought i was buying a 'fully sized' book, but when it arrived i ordered a 'pocket edition', the book seems to be good, but this special book its for ladies(with the due respect)."

"The description stated it was illustrated and the only illustration is on the cover of the book. I'm reading this book with my senior English students and was hoping I could show them some interesting illustrations."

"Yeah, if you throw enough brickbats at a person, eventually they might retaliate. Big surprise. So, in Shelly's distorted world view, one's throwing the brickbats at creatures whose only sin is ugliness, isn't depraved, but if the receiver of the undeserved brickbats retaliates in any way, then that retaliation confirms depravity? Clearly, Shelly had a very undeveloped mind."

"Perhaps back in 18-something it may have been scary but by modern literary standards I'm afraid to say that Frankenstein is gibberish."

"There is no horror to this story at all...It is about a living creature, shunned by society who eventually goes on the rampage. Gee, like that hasn't happened before. The story was generic, even for it's time. I think Mary was desperate, considering that the book wasn't even liked in the first place by the original romanticists authors of that time."

"I don't want to insult or offend Mary Shelley but she could've had 'brainstormed' a bit more...."

"the creature starts out knowing no english. all the sudden he knows big words that english scholars can't even understand. this book puts the 'BAD' in 'horrible'."

"one second, Frankenstein (the creator of the monster) is studying chemistry at a university, the next thing we know, he has the ability to "bestow life on an inatimate object!" Where did that come from? Can we be any more random?"

"This book was a torture for me. I mean adults might like it but as a highschooler, NOOOO!! I mean it's not just me a lot of my friends thought that it was a horrible book. Though you can't blame us. We're 21st century teens. 19th century is a bit old and boring for us."

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