Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein II

"If 'Frankenstein' was a fanfic, it would be flamed into oblivion."

"You may think that I am crazy for giving a classic 1 star. I mean, it's a classic for a reason right? That, my friend, is where you are extremely wrong. I am crazy, but not for that reason. My reasoning is very logical and if you are a teen who has read this you will understand why."

"It gets too melodramatic, like worse than the lives of the populars at my school"

"All of Shelley's sentences were TOO complex."

"All in the oldest persons words. Silly!"

"The problem of the book feels like it was written in a different time and place. When's the last time you wrote more than a few pages to a friend? When have you waxed philosophically about... anything?"

"Perhaps it's because the author is a woman. I will admit to enjoying a male voice more than a female voice, especially for science fiction."

"Do not read the book. Do NOT read the book. The moment you crack it open, the pages will violently diarrhea all over your face."

"It was a work of silly science fiction and little more. It wasn't very scientific, and by that I mean at all, and it marginally explored the ideas of creation of life. If it had relentlessly and interestingly pursued life and death and creation and all of those great big themes, I probably would have liked it, but it was a bit more interested in chasing the ideas of lords and ladies and having a monster who for some reason spoke in rather eloquent and almost Shakespearean verse"

"So what is there not to like? The contradictory narrative for one thing; one moment the monster is misunderstood and something to be pitied, the next he is a violent vindictive murderer. Then there is the fact that the monster uses words longer than the name of his creator, even though he has learned to speak from an eight year old."

"My biggest complaint is that this 300-some page story could have been told in about ten."

"I read this in one of my English classes in college. I was an English major for 3 years until I read this book and I hated it. I switched majors and schools because of this book."

"Complicated. I think it went off based off of what you thought about different things. You could probably think differently about it if you were the opposite sex."

"To be frank about Frankenstein, it is truly awful.
The monster cannot get a girlfriend so he kills his creators family.
There is more to life than finding a partner and considering that Shelley's mother was a feminist she would maybe realise this, or then again, seeing as the woman was a husband snatcher, perhaps not."

"My disapproval of the way Ms. Shelley conducted her life may have colored my willingness to give her a break in they way she wrote her novel."

"This book sucked because I didn't understand any word of it. Like seriously Mary Shelly, no need to be rude, but make it more understanding!!! TEAM PEETA AND TEAM GALE AND TEAM FINNICK!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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