Wednesday, April 17, 2013

T. S. Eliot - The Waste Land II

"I am going to KILL TS Eliot when I die. And then I'm gonna kill him again.

The guy's a poetic elitest!! 'Oh, hey, I think I'll switch into french/german/some other language right now!' Yeah, right before I smash your head open with a barbecue and stab your eyes out with my mother's brooch."

"What kind of runny piece of shit writes a poem you need footnotes for; not only 80-plus years after the fact, but the fucking day it's fucking published?"

"This is a very difficult poem to read, as it is not a standard rhyming stanza set."

"I hate T S Eliot. I hated studying his stupid nonsensical poem. Lets have a burnin'"

"People not in literature will never be asked to read TWL, and if asked they should refuse. It's like sailing a frickin' boat around the frickin' world, for God's sake: if you're not a sailor there's no reason good enough to do it."

"T. S. Eliot was the very first pseudo-intellectual emo kid."

"i hate t.s. eliot. the wasteland is the most useless writing ever since no one in the world can understand it unless they want to spend a month deciphering it."

"The web page assignment was the most difficult thing I have had to endure during my time as an English major ... I think I hate poetry. But, more than I hate poetry I hate T.S. Eliot and that James Joyce story was the most boring story I have ever read in my life. I don't understand Eliot and nothing happens, whatsoever, in The Dead."

"I hate T. S. Eliot now that I have to write about his old ass!"

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