Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland V

"Bad book never read it it is only for girls"

"Unlike most sixteen year olds, I enjoy a good old novel written back when books were truly forms of art ... However, this book was a total waste of my weekend. Alice, to no end, annoyed me the second she opened her mouth. All she does in Wonderland is complain and whine and talk about her God-forsaken cat.

On a side note, what the heck kind of a name for a cat is Dinah? Did people wait until the 2000s to start using names like Boots or Fluffy?
Also, the characters are hard to follow. I know it's near impossible to relate to a talking rabbit, but I was hoping for some grounding point, some plot to follow. There was absolutely none. I found myself relieved when I finished the book and could move onto something else more entertaining. Honestly, if anyone reading this review is thinking about reading the book, don't. Take my word for it, there are books more worthy of your time than this one."

"I understand this is literature, and I appreciate for that. But seriously-wth?"

"It's a 'classic' so I read it. Doesn't mean I actually enjoyed it, maybe if I'd read it as a child with that child mindset I may have liked it but not so much as an adult.

It's haphazard and directionless and I don't believe that even my childhood dreams where so incohesive.

Nope, I didn't enjoy it."

"As an English teacher, this might come as a rather surprising view. I could not find a deeper layer of meaning to the novel & really my impressions sum up to this: CS Lewis was on drugs when he wrote it, CS Lewis had a fascination with narcotics (the constant shrinking, growing, sniffing, references to mushrooms), CS Lewis could be interpreted as a peodophile (controversial I know but there's room for interpretation), the plot & characters lack depth neither do they make sense :(.

I'm baffled as to why this is a classic. I even went in sparknotes to see what analysis was written and interpretations made; for me they are rather far-fetched & personally applied poorly. But hey, maybe you need to be stoned to appreciate this or a different kind of 'intellectual'."

"I've never taken illegal drugs, but I imagine that if I did, and wrote a book while under the influence, it would read like this one. Somehow, we made it through, my kids and I, reading this every morning for a loooooong series of weeks."

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