Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Epic of Gilgamesh

"This story has been an apt reminder of why my background in the classics is so spare. I find the story barely tolerable. For example: "Suck my rod"?? That phrase would render any other book as fodder for the recycling bin. But this one is still a valued classic. Someone PLEASE help me understand this. I'm seriously asking. Is there anyone who can help me understand why this isn't trash?"

"Defiantly not a fun read the fight scenes scenes few and not very good at all."

"i guess i am not an 'medievals' person."

"The explicitly X-rated scene in the first tablet did it for me. I didn't think this was appropriate at all. The ending, furthermore, was hopeless, but what other conclusion could be expected from a society that didn't have the truth?"

"I didn't really like how it wasn't a modern book so it was kind of hard for me to understand."

"The Epic of Gilgamesh, written by David Ferry, is one of the oldest epics on Earth today."

"I have not read the whole book, but I have read so much about the book and have read large chunks of the book. Thus reading the book in its entirety seems a waste of time. Also, the worldview is not particularly great. Okay it is just plain bad. At least the worldview lens that many use to intrepret the book today is bad. Many try and say that this was the original story of the flood and that Noah's flood was a remake."

"It's good to be open minded, and considering that this is the oldest recorded work of literature there are many similatites. The structure of the book is how most books are structured."

"I had to read this book for school. I was tired of it after the first page. How was this story so popular back then? It's boring and unreal. C'mon! One guy lived with animans most of his life anf Gilgamesh was part god. I know a story of a real hero, Neo from The Matrix. That guy is cool and interesting. Also, he is cool to watch. Gilgamesh would never become a movie. People would fall asleep. Besides, any school book isn't fun to read."


"i liked it because people died in it and dieing makes books interesting to me. if someone dies, the book is more dramatic and i like that."

"the epic of gilgamesh is poem made more then a thousand years ago. it is an epic about two men who are built like gods yet they are anly half complete. together they are complete enkidue beong the calm and gilgamesh being the tyrant. it shows how far to companitons and brothers would go for eachother. it also shows how every person has another half because they need someone to tame them."

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