Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dante - The Divine Comedy

"You meet a lot of ancient Greeks and Romans who are apparently famous, though I knew less than half of them."

"The Inferno is a book about a totally biased queer who writes about him traveling to hell. There, he receives Virgil as his guide and jollily travels along hell's circles (levels). There, he witnessed the punishments people would receive and it got harsher as he went on. Eventually he met the devil and climbed him back to earth. What a story."

"Although Dante's Inferno is supposed to be the best Commedy, I find that hard to believe."

"Too many circles of hell."

"inferno is a book in old old english so its really hard to understand but what i got is that its about hell. inferno tells how someone is pick to go to hell and what the 9 rings are like throught poetry.

when i was reading inferno i could not connet to any thing. i keep on thinking about where i would go and what it really was like when you died.

this book is for any one who is religous."

"The book was also very bias because Dante only wrote good things about the christains, everyone else was being tortured in hell. Overall, I would not recommend this book because I feel it is not worth reading, unless you need it for some type of literature test."

"As one of the girls in my book club noted when talking about the lower circles of hell, 'Dante must have been on something.'"

"Really it's only the fact that the book was written in poem form that annoyed me."

"This book is highly annoying. Seriously. Dante is a man that 'sugar-coats' stuff. In other words, he doesn't say things straight up. He says things too detailed and even though we want to know stuff with details, he takes a long time saying it. For example, if he wants to say 'The ice cream is white.' he will say 'The ice cream is as white as the first fallen snow in a cold winter day when the birds are cuddled in their nests and the fireplace...' Like that. Catch my drift?"

"An interesting look at what the afterlife might be in the 1600s.Old english is hard to read."

"It was very challenging to read because it was written as a epic and the words inside this epic were challenging. The way Dante the poet wrote the book was always challenging because he wrote in a way it was hard for us readers to understand."

"Shocking, I'm sure, back when there were no reality t.v. shows..."

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